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Understanding SettingwithCopyWarning in pandas

SettingWithCopyWarning is one of the most common hurdles people run into when learning pandas. A quick web search will reveal scores of Stack Overflow questions, GitHub issues and forum posts from programmers trying to wrap their heads around what this warning means in their particular situation. It’s no surprise that many struggle with this; there are so many ways to index pandas data structures, each with its own particular nuance, and even pandas itself does…

Creating the simplest possible static page server with systemd and python

After officially incorporating our company Machina Capital, my co-founder and I wanted a single page website to create a professional Web presence and provide a few basic details about the company and ourselves. As I already manage some of our software on a Linux VPS, I decided that I would like to host the website […]

Artist Showcase: Ben Mikelsons

London-based artist and member of the Ben Mikelsons came to me with a request for a clean, minimal website that would allow him to share and showcase his portfolio. In this article, I detail my design process and decisions.

Tennis: A World for Giants

Watching Wimbledon this year, I was struck by how tall many of the players are. Are Wimbledon tennis players above average height? If so, does this also apply within the cohort: are taller players seeded higher?

The #1 rule for daily productivity, self-motivation and satisfaction

Motivating oneself can be difficult. Having led a heavily self-motivated lifestyle from my early teens, I’ve had plenty of time to experience the highs and lows. With experience, my work ethic has matured and I have developed self-motivating strategies that work for me. Of all these strategies there has been one clear winner when it comes to boosting my productivity, self-motivation and fulfilment.

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